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About 1.5 million people in Sweden have a disability of some kind. The cornerstone of Swedish disability policy is the principle that everyone is of equal value and has equal rights. The policy aim is to close the gap between people with disabilities and people with no disabilities.


Disability policy spans all policy fields. The objective of the study tour is to give an overview of the Swedish disability policy and the government’s strategy for disability policy implementation. The content will include physical accessibility, housing adaptations, assistive technology, public transport, group housing, social policy and IT. Participants will observe how accessibility has been improved in different parts of Swedish society and how government policy is translated into tangible action.


The program also includes visits to Swedish disability organizations with an important role of influencing policymaking. The study tour combines lectures and study visits to showcase what has been achieved so far in improving accessibility for the disabled and the remaining challenges. The group setting will allow participants to discuss and exchange ideas during lectures and study visits throughout the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location?

The study tour location in Stockholm, Sweden.

How many days?

The current format is 4-6 days.
The study tour can be adapted to the suit the client’s needs for a shorter or longer program.

What is the content?

An overview of Sweden’s disability policy including:

  • physical accessibility
  • housing adaptations
  • assistive technology
  • personal assistance
  • public transport
  • group housing
  • social policy
  • IT

How many participants?

The required minimum number of participants is 15.
The tour can be organized for a smaller group, but the price per individual will then be higher.

What are examples of study visits?

  • The Swedish Agency for Participation
  • The Swedish Disability Federation
  • Center for Assistive technology
  • Provider of Personal Assistance
  • Group housing
  • Stockholm Municipality
  • Stockholm Public Transport (SL)

What is the language?

Lectures and study visits are held in English.
Interpreter services can be provided on request at additional cost.

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