Study tours example areas

Our study tours of healthcare and social services in Sweden a range of subject areas and are intended for international groups. All activities and details are tailored to ensure a great learning experience for group members. Here are four example areas of subject areas for study tours.


Study tours of healthcare and welfare in Sweden

Sweden has a long tradition of delivering high quality, economically viable healthcare services to all of its citizens. For many years Sweden’s health care system has ranked at or near the top in most comparative analyses. Today, life expectancy in Sweden is 83 years for women and 79 for men—highest in the world after Japan. Many elderly people in Sweden are in good health and lead active lives. Meanwhile, a high degree of cooperation between private companies and public hospitals has led the country to be the birthplace of many medtech innovations. The result: Sweden’s healthcare professionals offer a wealth of knowledge and insights into most medical fields and healthcare processes. All of which makes Swedish healthcare and social welfare models highly interesting study subjects for care professionals and officials in other countries.

Over 2,000 international study tour participants served

More than 2,000 study tour participants — originating from such countries as Japan, Georgia, Latvia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates — have attended our programs. Our study visits offer ­clients one-on-one, in-depth interaction with our our advisor network of healthcare and welfare professionals, who work daily at major healthcare universities, university hospitals or institutions. Study tour participants gain new insights into Swedish healthcare and welfare models as well as an hands-on look at leading Swedish facilities. Participants have included elderly care specialists, nursing home caregivers, hospital management, architects, hospital staff, building consultants and more.

Arranging study tour and technical visits since 1990

Our long experience in gained arranging study visits for international groups means your program and tour will be well-planned and organized. Our study tours are conducted together with our our network of advisors and specialists. All study tour programs are adapted to suit the client’s level of ­familiarity with the subject area and are conducted in English.

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