Saitama and Tokyo Colleges take Swedish welfare system study tour

Project Info

Saitama College of Welfare

Tokyo College of Welfare

Project Description

Number of visitors: 40
Care experts met: Governmental authority & 7 facilities
When: November 2016
Tour duration: 4 days
Group from: Japan

We helped two Japanese colleges — Saitama College of Welfare and Tokyo College of Welfare — take a Swedish welfare system study tour. Their objective was to gain insights into the social welfare system in Sweden. Specific areas of interest included elderly care, rehabilitation and social care for children and young people.


Welfare is an important part of Japan’s past and future
Social welfare has long been provided in Japan by both the government and private companies. Beginning in the 1920s, the government enacted a series of welfare programs to provide medical care and financial support to people with disabilities, children and senior citizens. Today, Japan is the world’s oldest country:  25 percent of its people are aged 65 or over. By 2040, that ratio is estimated to rise to 36 percent. Meanwhile, the old-age dependency ratio, defined as the ratio of individuals at age 65 and above to those aged 20-64, is projected to rise from less than 0.4 in 2010 to 0.6 by 2030 and above 0.8 by 2050. Due to falling birth rate, one of the world’s longest life expectancies and close to zero net immigration the country is headed for a challenging future that combines an uniquely high ratio of seniors with a sharp downturn in its total population. All that will put increasing strains on Japan’s ability to manage its rising debt and social-security obligations and will create growing shortages of skills.

Saitama College of Welfare and Tokyo College of Welfare are two colleges under The Jikei Group of Colleges, which owns nearly 70 professional training colleges and support companies located throughout Japan. Their faculty provide high-quality professional training to the next generation of specialists in social welfare, health care, elderly care, childcare and physiotherapy.

Study tour experience

The study tour program arranged by Swedish HealthCare included a combination of lectures and visits to nursing homes, schools and local area institutions in Sweden. The resources were involved in social and elderly care in the Swedish cities of Malmö, Lund and Vellinge at various levels — from governmental to care provision.

Learn more about the visitors’ experience. Contact us for an overview of the study tour program.

Download this booklet introduction to Sweden. The booklet, titled これぞスウェーデン (This is Sweden), 2015 edition, was written by Rikard Lagerberg and Emma Randecker for the Swedish Institute. Go to their homepage to download Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish or Swedish versions or for more details.


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