InstructorJoe Danielson
TypeOnsite Course
PlaceStockholm, Malmö or at your local facility
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Infection control

Hospital Infection Control

Call for enrollment
When: This is a customized course (Dates to be decided)
Where: Stockholm, Malmö or at your local facility

Infection prevention and control is a must in all modern hospitals and healthcare institutions. Fundamental knowledge of hygiene and cleansing routines is a prerequisite for all personnel. New technologies, procedures and regulatory requirements are introduced at a rapid pace within the area of infection control. Therefore, new knowledge and routines need to be implemented to meet requirements.

Overview of Hospital Infection Control course

The course is part of a change management program aimed at providing high quality healthcare and use of medical products based on established routines and adequate knowledge. The change management program includes both policies and guidelines to support routine measurement of key quality indicators to achieve continuous improvements and planned implementation results.

The course, therefore, could be viewed as a platform for continued training in preventing hospital-acquired infection. A number of possible training approaches are available as next steps in the implementation of the proposed change management program, including:

  1. Training of trainers – individuals selected by the management
  2. All staff to be trained in the same manner
  3. Distance education available through e-learning modules accessed via this site or your own

Overview of Hospital Infection Control customized course

Who should attend

Participants are most likely today working as:

  • Infection Control Practitioners
  • Sterilization Department Managers
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Assistants
  • Decision makers and other managers

The course is designed for the training of trainers in the organization, for care workers with daily patient contact and for personnel in sterilization departments. It is also suited for decision makers and care managers as an overall briefing in the field of hygiene and particularly regarding regulation, guidelines, standardization, ward infrastructure, implementation and costs.


The objective of the course is to provide overall knowledge in hygiene policies and routines, specific hygiene routines associated with guidelines, and standardization of staff hygiene for the use of CVC, ETT and Foley-products.


 This is a two-day intensive course.

Number of participants

Minimum:XX – Maximum: YY


The program will consist of lectures, interactive discussions and practical exercises that provide attendees with demonstrations and hands-on training.

Content includes

The program covers practical advice, infection control methods, definitions and the latest developments. After successful completion of the course, participants should be able:

  • To individually and in groups train personnel in basic hygiene routines, personnel hygiene and specific routines when using medical technology products
  • To perform hygiene investigations and controls, collect data and present the results to managers and personnel
  • To individually be a knowledgeable resource in the field of hygiene to support management at a unit or ward
  • As a group to be a resource and advise hospital management in issues regarding overall hygiene in patient units

About course leader

Mats Brülde

Mats Brülde is a registered nurse active in the field of cardiology. He currently works at the heart unit at Skåne University Hospital with patients with heart failure and cardiac transplants, and assists at the clinic’s hemodynamic laboratory with cardiac biopsy and cardiac catheterization.

Previously, Mats was a nurse and head of department of the Thoracic Surgery patient ward. His focus was pre- and postoperative care for CABG, heart valve, LVAD and heart-lung transplants. He has broad international experience and has participated in the setup and running of healthcare operations during UN missions in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Example of course, day 1

Topic Time

Introduction, presentation of the concept and BIP-products

 2 hours

Workshop – discussion, exchange of experiences

 2 hours

Tools for survey and statistics in theoryWard infrastructure, Hygiene survey, Soap / Hand rub consumption

2 hours

Workshop – discussion 2 hours


Example of course, day 2

Topic Time

Tools for survey;

Practical exercises for use in wards

 2 hours

Workshop – discussionReview of PM Hygiene and PM Medical products

 2 hours

Work with survey tools and/or Action plan

2 hours

Continued work with survey tools and/or Action planPresentation of survey material and statistics 2 hours